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This weekend was wack. First I dyed my hair brown. Then I accidentally removed my tongue ring. No matter how many times I tried to get it back, nothin! I’ve had it for over two years and dammit I’ve got to go get it pierced again. Sooo… yeah, my hair is brown. Brown Sugar #5, to be exact. Blame Sarah Jessica Parker on that one. I think it is O.K. now. On Sunday I thought it sucked ass. I got to do my photo set with Britney, but sadly there was no threesome for Tran. I think Brit isn’t ready for that yet. Maybe if I get her ass drunk she’ll be more receptive. I did get some really hot shots of her licking my pussy. Woo!!! Goddamn and I was so horny too. I was all, hey, don’t lick my pussy. You’ll make me more horny. Britney doesn’t want to hook up with me completely, as hard as I try. Just friends. Maybe one day you’ll see her tongue deep inside me, but for right now you’ll have to live with topside tongue. Okay I’m making myself giggle. Hey now if you like this site why not join HottieCams and download my 200+ videos I’ve got online. I am also adding the Lost Sets from ModelRussians tomorrow evening as I watch The Twilight Zone on UPN. GamerChicks is just around the corner. And yeah, if you join one of my sites, you get access to all of them. Oh! We even added a new set to RealDollSex thanks to Chase. My set with Sunshine has to wait a few more weeks, but the weekend was definitely not a washout, even though it rained like hell yet again — damn lying bastard weatherman. I think my boys are digging the Sarah Michelle Gellar as seen in ”Cruel Intentions” look I’m giving off with the brown hair. I’ll post a picture from the set Wednesday night although you can go to CamWhores and see one right now. Okay, more later. See ya tomorrow and nighty night.