x-men 2 coming

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been takin’ care of the family business while my mom is in the hospital up here. What could Abbie’s family possibly be doing for a family business? Porn store. Heh. Yeah, the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I was never old enough to work up here when I was growing up, so it’s nice to be able to finally put a little touch on things. I’m thinking about starting a Friday special where I flash a guy who rents 10 or more tapes. If you rent 100 or more tapes I’ll give you a squeeze. I’m sure this is illegal! LOL! Okay, no touching. Kentucky is not known as a porn friendly state. You can’t even have any of this stuff shipped over here through the mail. It’s driven in. Crazy! I got pulled over last week with a back seat FULL of porn. The cop was really nice and easily impressed by my prettyness (yay!) though so I got out of the ticket. He was really concerned when I told him I had to get home to watch my legally obtained pornos. He was all, ”how come you need that porno, girl? I could help you out!” Uhhh… no thank you, officer. This guy tipped the scales at 300 pounds. It would be lights out for Dear Abbie if I took a chance at getting under him. No, my limit is definitely 220. Rawr!