Omigod! It is SO HARD. So very, very hard… to move a site. Yes. Oh yes! It is super hard. I had to reinstall this blog software to get it to work again. Not fun. I didn’t have fun the first time. This update has to be short today cuz I am still trying to make sure all the other sites work. So far nobody has sent me any emails, but then again I don’t know if I have all of the email forwarding stuff set up yet. Perfect timing since I will be getting GamerChicks.com ready over the next few weeks. I am moving all my Lori pictures there. I have, like, over 3500 photos of this hot Austin chick. I am experimenting with something called image::magick that I hope will let me post up stuff faster instead of having to create galleries for hours and hours and hours. Oh god. So very tired.