where does the time go?

Abbie Sucks Cock Today on ModelTexans.com I posted the first of three (or is it four?) clips that I filmed a while back. This time it’s all high resolution with all sorts of choices for the video. I also kept the audio in this time so you could hear my lips smacking everytime I took another turn at face fucking Tran’s big dick. I think you’ll like the other scenes from this series that I’ve got coming up as well.
Click here for a low-resolution 30 second sample of my cock sucking video. Keep in mind I’ve remastered this video for the new series posted on ModelTexans, but this gives you a good idea of what to expect from me blowjob-wise.
Mena Exhibitionist
Lori Nude In Public Wearing Wedding Gown
Over at GamerChicks.com I put up two new sets. One from my hottie little modelita Mena. Mmm. Such a pretty girl. And yet another set from Texas cutie Lori. Lori’s not really getting married in this set, but the innocent sexy look of wearing a wedding veil is what we were going for. Mena, on the other hand, is all business as she peals off a tight vinyl police uniform after playing with my X-Box. Gamer girls love the X-Box, what’s up with that? Of course I have lots more exciting GamerChicky stuff coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned for mo.
Teenage Cock Sucking Blowjob Face Fuck Lessons Check it out now. My partner in crime Aimee and I have got the High School Suckas on Aimee’s HottieCams.com today. It’s a full length 30 minute video of Big House and Blondie along with their latest teen victim. It makes you wonder how many girls Big House can splooge his load all over? Aimee says I need assistants like that, goddammit. The girls they find are so eager to suck penis and take a facial that they practically volunteer for no money at all. You get to watch the video, though, so that’s what counts. Aimee informs me we’ve got *lots* more from Big House cumming.
Fucking Brunette Russian Bitch
Fucking Blonde Russian Bitch
And on the other side of the world at
ModelRussians.com I have two new full length videos that are straight from my Hungarian Hotties video collection. A blonde little Russian slut picks out a guy to fuck from our list of models. We instant messaged him and goddamn if he didn’t drive 100 MPH to get to the hotel room. They fuck. It’s all good. The next video has the story that this guy is offering housing to students who are taking English language classes. They only need housing for two weeks at a time so he’s always got a fresh batch of young college aged hotties to pick from. He sometimes films himself fucking them and they get to stay for free. Capitalism kicks fuckin’ ass.

That’s all for today’s updates. Expect another big ass update next weekend on all 4 of my 5 awesome porno sites. You wanna see how much porn I’ve built up since putting up my first site in October 2000? Click her for my trial offer of $4.95 for three days and you’ll go nuts trying to watch it all. You join one site, you get access to all 5. I’m cool like that. Anyway, I’ve gotta go. Holla!