welcome to texas

Abbie's License

I got this funny email today that suggested the identification card on my site was fake. Check it:

Um, yeah, just one problem withat that "Texas" ID…..if you’re under
21 in Tex, the ID is taller than it is long. And no, you didn’t get
yours before they started doing that since they’ve been doing it long
enough that if your license is supposed to expire in
’07………meaning, by deduction, you got it after that started
doing it that way. Busted!

Um, yeah, just one problem with your little deduction — I got my Texas I.D. card on 2/14/2000. Here’s a news article that talks about the how Texas started doing underage cards in the June 2001. So, duh-duction — this happened after I got my card. I can’t find a place on the web that says specifically how long Texas I.D. cards lasted before expiring back then. If you know,

You can get an ID card at any age in Texas, so they’re kind of weird. I hadn’t taken my driver’s test so I was stuck with just having my I.D. card. I wonder if you’re a little baby if they bother to do the sideways thing? So funny. Anyway, I totally had to share because I never even thought about this until this guy brought it up. Lesson over, kids!