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Saw ”Bruce Almighty” finally. I liked it. Actually, I peed my pants. No, really. There is a scene where Bruce (Jim Carrey) is messing up the speed this other reporter that he hates is giving. Well, you know, whatever you call the dialog a reporter gives. He was totally messing this guy up with his PoWeRs and I *knew* I had to go to the bathroom earlier but I didn’t realize something so fucking funny was going to show up all of a sudden. So, luckily I was wearing these camouflage pants and army boots. A new look for me? No, they were clean. It was also raining outside and that didn’t hurt hiding my little mistake. Hmmm… did I mention I was pregnant? Oh, I didn’t? Oh, that’s right. I didn’t mention it (until now). I updated my bio to totally update you on all that. I’ve been keeping a low profile I guess while I avoid this crazy ex-boyfriend of mine. I feel pretty comfortable talking about the jack ass now, so haha, I guess I’m out of the preggo closet. I don’t think any pictures of me will be coming out for a few more months. My due date is August 10, so give me some time to work that off and then I’m back, baby. Mena, however, is just as stick skinny as ever. I am putting up all of the photos that I still have to put up on GamerChicks.com. Just click the image up above. Want to see more of this adorable 19 year old? Here.