two girls, twice the fun

So let’s see, what is up today? Still no car. Still no boyfriend, but I am definitely out of here this weekend for a weekend in KY for TG. I saw this funny shirt at Urban Outfitters online that basically makes fun of how Kentucky is a good ol’ boy state, way more so than Texas is, believe it or not. So yeah, and what else? HottieCams is awesome. You should go there. Perverted people on camera are so nice, sometimes. Heh. Okay, so I posted a few more nasty fuck clips from Amber since I’m all done with my little blonde fuck bitch Sloan. Did you guys like her? I got at least 5 emails over the last few days from guys thanking me for relieving their aching blueballed penises of their cum. My pleasure, boys. And speaking of pleasure, I sometimes buy video off SOBEGIRL for my HottieCams site. I am constantly adding new huge videos to that site.

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