the return of abbie

ModelTexans You’ve missed little Abbie, haven’t you? Sorry I’ve been so bad about updating my blog. I’ve made up for it with a buttload of video updates (and lots more updates coming the first week of August). In this video uploaded earlier this week you can see me being all smartass while I suck dick and make wisecracks. We filmed this in front of my new projection tv and I think it was set to CNN when I started all that face fucking. It’s a hot video, though, and I recommend it to anyone with even a little bit of horny in them.
GamerChicks I’ve got more Mena photos and I’m *HOPING* that my photographer can get me a hold of some cute goth chicks for new updates that I’ve got planned later this year. But in the meantime! Lori is back and nearly done with all her sets. This is set #49 (not counting the special Christmas set from December). Dammmn! That’s a lot of naked girl, huh? She’s adorable in this one (as usual) as she plays office dress up… and then office dress down. I’d smack that ass if I could! Mmmm!
I’ve got two new videos from Gwen and her friend Vic. BigHouse had them both over to his house for several hours and planned to film a blowjob video from each of them. He actually filmed the one with Victoria first. She sucks him and he cums all over her chest. He then hung out with them and watched a movie. Then he had Gwen suck him off and he came all over her chest. What a hard worker! I’ve got something like 15 more of these that I’m going to post quickly through August and September… so if you’ve got a membership be sure to keep it going while I start kicking ass and posting more hardcore than you can shake a stick at. Yeah — I know. What a Texas thing for me to say. Go figure.
Let’s change continents and talk about my girls at They are the shit and I love their unique videos. In the next of my Hungarian Hotties videos I’ve got a double penetration video with this cute little petite brunette teen who’d just turned 18 years old a few weeks before the vid. Then I’ve got a video we call Forest Fuck. Basically it’s your typical hot hardcore video filmed outdoors where joggers were only a few feet away in a trail. They were wondering what all that moaning was about and that if anyone was hurt. Oh… she’s hurting, alright. For dick! The joggers would cover their mouths in shock and then run away. Luckily there is no forest ranger station on the trails in Hungary so we were allowed to finish up with the fuckin’ business of fuckin’ and make our video. I’ve got lots more of these, too, so keep your memberships active and you’ll be seeing a new video posted each week! Check it!

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It’s only $19.95 a month or you can get a trial offer for $4.95 by clicking here? I recommend the $19.95 a month since most sites charge way more (usually over $29). PLUS! I have a new site that I’m working on (which is why I’ve been quiet all month). I’m either gonna call it or — I haven’t figured out if I want a hot yet disrespectful name yet for the crazy bitches I’ve met at Mardi Gras. Either way, you’ll get to see re-sampled video of our Mardi Gras vids that were on HottieCams along with brand new video from 2004. We have something like 6 hours worth of hot chicks flashing their big and tiny little titties for us. Thrown in a few Mardi Gras related hardcore movies we made and BAM! Kick ass site. That will go up sometime in August if I can get my shit in order, so be sure to check back here on to see the latest on my progress. Take care ya’ll and stay sweet. Abbie loves ya!