the final countdown

Well so I’m only 5 days away from my due date. I thought I would have popped this little puppy out last month but I guess that wasn’t the case. Been keeping myself busy though the last week. I posted all my updates before I left the house (traveling all the way to the future in-laws’ house —- woooooo!). What I find really hilarious is that they kind of know that I have a blog and I am a featured model and that I’ve done my share of topless teen dancing. They smile about it and stuff but they are so totally We Don’t Give A Crap As Long As This Baby Comes Out With One Head that it’s hilarious! I have thought about possibly telling them that I was born with two heads and one had to be chopped off, but my neck is too nice to get away with a lie like that. So lemme see lemme see. We updated some code on so the menus that were giving 5% of the people some problems should now be fixed. Clear your browser cache and all that stuff if you are logging in today. Ummm… oh on the RealDoll side of the house… we haven’t really updated in a while cuz Stefanie, my fucking hot realdoll, needs some patching before we can use her for our more hardcore goodies. I am also thinking about getting a male realdoll and maybe making a site with him and the girls I know (and girls that I don’t know!!! yet!). I will keep you informed of course. I do know that we just got a bajillion million new videos from this guy Erik that we work with from Canada. Now HE is lucky, or rather he gets lucky so much. Wow. Canada girls are way bigtime more slutty that the girls down in the south. I think you have less convincing to do for them. Stupid bible belt here. Ugh!!!! Makes it so hard to convince a girl that, yes, even though Tran will be shoving his cock into your mouth, you will not automatically be going to hell if I take a picture of it with my Sony. Alright? Wow. The girls here in the USA. Mmmm. They are silly.