thanks 4 giving it to me

Okay, so this entry is going to be short. I have a lot of things planned for this weekend. I’m gonna film a new fuck movie with Tran,
Britney and I. A threesome! Tran is excited. Of course this all depends on Brit. She wants a boob job really bad and I think Tran may spring for it. She’s not all that small, but she wants more. Hell, I want more too, but everyone keeps saying that I’m fine. It doesn’t help that I work with other girls who have boobs the size of watermellons, okay? So, I’ve got that planned. I’m going to do something with Sunshine again this weekend. Probably stuff for GamerChicks. Yes, I know I’m late sorry sorry. I’ll try to get that up quick as Dick. (inside joke, and Dick, if you’re reading this, no hard feelings). Okay, that’s all I’ve got to say. Please join any one of my sites and you get access to the other three (four after goes up). Thanks to all visitors and for all the great emails I’ve been getting. Love you guys, you make it all worth it.