tattooed and pierced brittany

She’s a sexy sexy thang with lush blonde hair and — wait for it — she will fuck on camera for a minor acting fee. Very minor. Like, $200. Not too shabby, huh? Brittany (not her real name) was very detailed about her past experiences with being a porn actress of sorts. We tried to figure out what other sites she was on. She was like, ”sites?” Um, yeah, web sites. She didn’t get it. What do you do on the internet anyway, girl? As it turns out, she was calling it myspace. I log into myspace, she was saying. WTF? That’s the only site she goes to. Email? Chat? Only on myspace. Wow. So, I figured this chicky would sign the model release in mere seconds. Totally right. Watch this really long trailer. It’s like 60 seconds long. I use the word like a lot I think. Like, you know?

Model Texas Girls

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