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Teeny Tiny Tasia Teya Simone Doll Gets Cum On Her Belly

We’re back in business with new videos featuring hottie dolly Teya Tasia Simone Realdoll. Our pretty plastic princess gets sucked and fucked in this new scene that Steve Awesome just shot, cut and published this week. The scene ends with

Tiny Tasia Teya Simone Doll Makes Her RealDoll Sex Debut!

Little porn star Tasia Teya Simone is literally a doll that was made for fucking. Rock hard body. Huge titties! Just wait until you watch her fucking! Tasia Teya is a cute super petite BoyToyDoll who sucks and fucks just

Topless Teenager Christina in Realdoll Fuck Coaching

Nasty topless teenager Christina returns intending to fuck Tila, but she gets a surprise when Steve Awesome shows up to spoil her fun. 18 year old perky boobed Christina gets a real kick out of critiquing Steve’s fucking skills. ”Do

joanna marie

Here’s a funny thing. I hired this model named Joanna Marie back in 2001 and she posed in some pretty naughty photos with her Kid Rock lookalike boyfriend. Occasionally I discover some work she did with other photographers (sometimes in

lotsa videos coming to modeltexans

I have a shit-ton of videos that I’m going to post to ModelTexans this month. My updates have been sparse but I am making up for it in spades with lots of updates for ModelTexans and RealDollSex! So very sweet.

nude 19 yo girl

Trisha possesses a tight little pale body and we always enjoy getting another look at it whenever possible. Finding petite models with perky tits like Trisha is somewhat of a trick in these days of teenaged girls who overeat themselves

liz ashley

I posted a new gallery of Liz Ashley today on the GamerChicks site. Beautiful Liz was formerly known as Mena on that site, but I’ve changed it to her professional stage name now that she’s become a glamour model superstar

the texas whore corp

I keep saying corp with a P sound instead of ”core” like Steve keeps telling me, but regardless of how the fuck to talk, this bookend video is a nice addition to the other slutty video of chicks we’d posted

slutty smoking girls get fucked before prom on video set at modeltexans.com

Okay, I really like these two chicks that we feature on the video below. You like that shit don’t you, huh? If you want to see video of these two girls getting fucked one after the other by the same

fuck me

Goddamn I had a little delay here and there since the last time I blogged but I’ll be making up for that in spades shortly. There are three more from the series below plus two more really fucking crazy sets

lizashleynude star mena in new 2007 photos

There’s a kinda lame site called LizAshleyNude that these douchebag people put up without telling Mena what they were doing. It gets no updates so therefore it sucks balls. We love Mena and work with her and try to keep

titty titty tidbit from trishy

Trisha Terrien Terryin’ To Trying To Tell The Townspeople That They’re Taking Two Too Many. Dammit. I couldn’t keep that up. I know that makes nonsense. It started off as me typing random nonsense words and then I discovered I

electric naked girl trisha

I posted some artsy photos of topless Trisha posing with this little string set of pink lights that Steve Awesome picked up from Urban Outfitters. Sexy sexy and kinda freaky, huh? I love her little titties!

fucking in a mall parking lot

ModelTexans.com Presents:Fucking In A Mall Parking Lot Two guys brazenly fuck a chick in public! Video Preview WMV 2MB Video Preview WMV 2MB Will someone see? Who cares! Video Preview WMV 2MB Video Preview WMV 2MB Want to see more

teen trisha from start to finish

Hey there. I was looking at sites I need to update and noticed I still had a straggler gallery from Trisha on Gamer Chicks that I hadn’t posted yet. I also have a whole new series from her that I’ll

fucking sasha and missy

So here’s a funny thing. We shot both of these girls in the same day and decided to use the same promotional image for both. Sasha and Missy may look alike here, but if you watch their preview videos you’ll

jade and star step away from their homework to fuck

New update on ModelTexans today. Jade and Star are little petite sluts that we take turns fucking on camera for practically the very first time. We met these chicks at a party originally before they official became talent. They’re so

two new porn girl updates for today

Sweet ass! I just posted two new video galleries on ModelTexans.com that feature dyed blonde slut Marilyn coming back for more and gorgeous African American beauty Dominique. That girl Dominique has such a rail thin little body, dammmmmn. Check it

mena surfing and looking sexy

Mena from GamerChicks.com makes a new appearance in some video I’ve had of her for some time. Steve Awesome set up a camera while she was surfing and shot about 25 minutes of sexy Mena footage. We forgot all about

tattooed and pierced brittany

She’s a sexy sexy thang with lush blonde hair and — wait for it — she will fuck on camera for a minor acting fee. Very minor. Like, $200. Not too shabby, huh? Brittany (not her real name) was very