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yo tengo de nada and slim

I’M MOVING MY SITES! Yes, you heard that right. Probably gonna do it this weekend. If you’re a member you *may* notice a little downtown but it will only be for a few hours. I’ll be more specific about how,

innie / outtie

I got into an argument with some guy on CamWhores about how some guys on there think it is okay to treat girls on there like shit who have their own paysites. I’m like, what the fuck dude, you’re fucking

happy fuckin’ memorial day

With all due respect, I’d like to salute the people who’ve fought for our country and who’ve stood up for our freedoms. One of those freedoms I’m super proud of. F’uh shizzle! Which one am I talking about? Free speech!

mother fucking russia

Well, so far no car just yet. I have a friend staying over at my apartment while the psycho ex-boyfriend Tristan continues to harass and annoy my ass. I am not sure why, but I am pondering flying into Kentucky