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new photos of me updated on abbieteen.com

What up up up yo yo my peoples. I got a couple of updates going on my site AbbieTeen.com which features young, nubile, petite little blonde blue-eyed me! I also have some video of myself and Britney (or is it

abbie teen videos now online!

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abbieteen.com is in beta

Fuck yes! It’s about goddamn time. The site looks so super pretty, too. I’m still twisting a knob or two here and there with all the shit on that site. It’s the closest I’ve ever done anything that looks like

abbie posting on fark

I have a bunch of photos I did in PhotoShop contests they had on Fark until Drew fucking banned me. I’m gonna link to them all here cuz I think I’ve got some pretty damn funny stuff. I’ll try to

home movies are good

So, here’s some more cool little samples of the kind of videos you can get from me off ModelTexans.com. You want amateur video filmed with a shitty little Sony camera of a hot and perky little 19 year old blonde

strangers in the night

Well, well, well… I’m just about done with my crazy antics for getting everything ready in case anybody bothers me. I’m not talkin’ bout that stuff anymore. In the meantime, let’s talk about me. I’ve made some hot fuck movies

my little porn movie

petite abbie’s gonna fuck slam her sweet little mouth want to fuck her face? click here for more of abbie

let me teach you

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I want to thank the three sweethearts who bought me some stuff off my wishlist. They each got a free 60 day pass to all five of my sites (soon to be 6 sites!).

fuck paris hilton

Why is this Paris Hilton rich bitch getting all of the attention? I’ve seen some clips from her so-called Fuck Video and my Fuck Video is way 1000X better. I think I would have been able to seriously win if


Well, this is a quick entry. I’m headin’ on back down to Texas the second week of November to where all my friends (and their cameras) are waiting eagerly. Super eagerly. Sorry about my half assed attempts to get something

my first fuck movie

Hey I finally sampled my first fuck movie made when I was 18 years old and posted it to ModelTexans.com. It’s like 40 minutes long and this girlfriend of mine Jude filmed the whole thing. It’s totally hot, too. I

corrupting her morals

I’m catching up on some of my updates. Got new stuff up almost everywhere for my new peeps. I had to change the signup forms I am using from ones that I made to ones that my billing company generates

open up and say ahhh

It’s hump day today and I got humped up and down all last night. I knew I had my guy coming over so I took a nice shower and then got all cuddly under the covers and when he came


I have been working a lot so I haven’t had enough time to post my blog updates. I am torn between giving another sample of my crazy teen girl Mardi Gras videos or showing you how hard BigHouse fucks these

no more chit chat

Abbie & Britney Yeah I am still so sick and sleepy and I have totally caught up on all of the episodes of The Osbournes that I’ve missed since before I got mono. I refuse to capitalize the word mono,

on the road again

CLICK HERE I am leaving in just a few hours for Kentucky so my next update will be off my laptop once I get there. It’s something like 700 miles away so hey, what’s that? Like 7 hours? LOL! Ok,

girls own me

CLICK HERE Okay I’ve got hurry this one up cuz I’m late for work, but I just wanted to catch you up on the last 24. I’m not talking about the Kiefer Sutherland (SWOON) show, by the way. So, back

thanks 4 giving it to me

Okay, so this entry is going to be short. I have a lot of things planned for this weekend. I’m gonna film a new fuck movie with Tran, Britney and I. A threesome! Tran is excited. Of course this all

putting the KY back into Kentucky

Okay cuties. I am off in 5 minutes. Driving to Kentucky in my beat up Chevy. I am taking my old laptop with me and I can update once I get there. It’s like a thousand miles away so it

In Bedding

I need to go over my older entries from a few days ago and clean up my filthy smack talking language. I’m a cracker, what can I say? And I mean it in the “crackah” way. I’m not literally a