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new photos of me updated on abbieteen.com

What up up up yo yo my peoples. I got a couple of updates going on my site AbbieTeen.com which features young, nubile, petite little blonde blue-eyed me! I also have some video of myself and Britney (or is it

abbie teen videos now online!

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abbieteen.com is in beta

Fuck yes! It’s about goddamn time. The site looks so super pretty, too. I’m still twisting a knob or two here and there with all the shit on that site. It’s the closest I’ve ever done anything that looks like

naked teen girls?

Hot sexy girl Abbie Bueller recounts her day spent at BuzzFest in Houston, Texas. She recalls meeting her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend Paige. Paige is such a bitch! There’s no doubt about it. Girl fight! Paige is also a dancer and love

how do they do it?

I’ve been checking out other sites trying to evaluate what I can do to make mine better and, goddamn, if people aren’t giving their shit away. Very weird. You have to have something really unique and exclusive to make people

abbie’s updates and steve awesome

We got a ton of new videos posted today on GamerChicks, ModelTexans, and… HottieCams! Surprise! Yeah, I’ve got around 15 videos on there that I haven’t released. I’m also arranging my beautiful Asian girl videos so that they’re all on

abbie posting on fark

I have a bunch of photos I did in PhotoShop contests they had on Fark until Drew fucking banned me. I’m gonna link to them all here cuz I think I’ve got some pretty damn funny stuff. I’ll try to

chick sucking cock

I’ve been up to a lot of housekeeping over the weekend on my sites. I made the signup page on all the sites the same and also made the default signup cost only $19.95. It’s been that much for forever

from the desk of abbie

Outside of dealing with stupid mother fuckers who live in Dallas, it’s been pretty uneventful as of late. Oh, in case you haven’t figured it out — whenever I post a blog entry about any of my sites — ModelTexans.com

no more tables

Hey guys I’m fucking around with the design of the site. I’ll eventually get tired of making adjustments and will settle for whatever I’ve got. So far I’m liking it. I know it’s really pink. I’ll throw in some blue

some more

Here’s a little bit more to cover you until the weekend where I’ll be letting the new stuff roll out. 44 new galleries is taking a little while to sort through so I’m making it my goal to prep up

i’m not natalie portman… but I’m close

Alrighty, I’m still working on my 44 new galleries and will have the first Julia and Monica set up sometime today. I figured if I posted about it then I’m obligated to finish up. The video is so hot and

smart girl = me

Today I am going through what I’ve got online and came up with some image preview gallery lists for ModelTexans.com, preview galleries of me on Aimee’s HottieCams.com and preview galleries of all the videos that are on HottieCams.com as well.

cell phone features I’d like to see

I posted this submission on Fark.com thinking it’d get a laugh or two. Instead, it got me banned for two days. Farkers. They said I was spamming. I’m like, duh, I’m not spamming, I’m giving you my bandwidth so you

home movies are good

So, here’s some more cool little samples of the kind of videos you can get from me off ModelTexans.com. You want amateur video filmed with a shitty little Sony camera of a hot and perky little 19 year old blonde

strangers in the night

Well, well, well… I’m just about done with my crazy antics for getting everything ready in case anybody bothers me. I’m not talkin’ bout that stuff anymore. In the meantime, let’s talk about me. I’ve made some hot fuck movies

my little porn movie

petite abbie’s gonna fuck slam her sweet little mouth want to fuck her face? click here for more of abbie

let me teach you

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I want to thank the three sweethearts who bought me some stuff off my wishlist. They each got a free 60 day pass to all five of my sites (soon to be 6 sites!).

movin’ on up

I’m going to be moving in the next week so my computer will be totally in a million bazillion pieces. Tran will still be making my updates while I’m lost in transition, so don’t worry about the site. I should

more from chase

It’s true what they say. You can’t keep a good woman down. Well, okay, you can keep her down as long as she’s on all fours and you’re giving her a good fucking. In that case then, yeah, it’s okay.