sweet little lor

I’m posting a new set from Lori today. She’s been one of my favorite online nude models ever since I was first able to log into Compu$erve back in 1993. I was just a week little elementary school kid back then, but I love to chat. They also had something called US Videotel that I was so fucking addicted to. I’m positive a bunch of old freaky men were staking me out everytime I logged in. I seemed to have so many older guy friends. The freaks! So, yeah, Lori is a cutie as you can see here. I have a bunch more set sof Lori available to post and will be putting them up quickity quickalick. Also, I have the final few parts of the video of Jennifer from ModelTexans and two more HottieCams.com videos to post. But right now… it’s time to eat.