stepping into the twilight zone

Watching this hilarious fucking making of show on MTV about the new Madonna video that’s coming out. Madonna is so hilarious. I love her! She hasn’t lost anything. ”Swept Away” is what the movie is called. So great. That’s on my list of things to see. So is ”JackAss: The Movie” so I guess I don’t really have very high standards for what movie I’m gonna see. This weekend I’m definitely gonna check out ”Red Dragon.” I always thought ”Manhunter” was boring everytime it came on and never paid attention to it. This weekend I plan to see Dragon and then go home and watch Manhunter and totally dog it for not being as good. At least, I hope that’s the way it goes. If not, it’ll be the other way around. I’m a freak, yeah, I know, shuddup. I *think* Sloan finally gets to suck some cock in today’s vid. Hey is anyone even watching these vids when I post em?