I hate people who do this. I had a computer stolen from my apartment a few months ago that I used to use to go on cam with. I felt pretty violated and crappy after that happened. I sometimes feel the same oogy way when some random guy in chat asks for a freebie pass to my site and/or demands that I chat with him (and won’t take ”no I’m busy” as an answer). I’m like, fuck you, what have you done for me lately? I can hear Janet Jackson right now. It costs me a shitload a month to host my sites so I obviously have to pay expenses plus my apartment and can’t afford this bullshit. Ugh! I could just scream. I am lucky to have some protection on my pages to prevent this most of the time, but goddamn someone is always trying to fuck me over. I bet this is how the 7-11 guy feels when he realizes skater punks have been shoplifting hubba bubba under his nose. Stealing sucks. Maybe I should uninstall my copy of WinMX and go join the record industry.