smart girl = me

Today I am going through what I’ve got online and came up with some image preview gallery lists for,
preview galleries of me on Aimee’s
and preview galleries of all the videos that are on as well. I didn’t have enough time to put the proper labels on all of the latter galleries, but eh, you’re lucky I’m even bothering to use the word latter in a sentence. I didn’t go to school for nothin’. Ummm. What else? I just got 44 new video galleries that are SO hot and I’m strategerizing how I’m going to let them unfold. Twice a week, I’m thinkin’. They are SO fucking hot. God. Oh, and lastly, I made my
click link lists for my favorite porn sites available. I was kinda sorta using this to track where people were coming from, but that shits all out the window now that I have better ways to do it. The old way was so 2001, for sure.