Sorry I’ve been away for a few days. Since I got back I was able to trade in my car for another more reliable car. More newer, really. Not much has been up since school has been so constant and I am not able to do much more than wake up, go to school, come back, study, sleep, repeat. I’ve decided that I’m going to move to a new host because I’m really unhappy with the service that has been providing. They are terrible at communication. Did I already mention that they sent us a bill last month for bandwidth charges going back to November 2001. They were like, uhhhhh, we had this person who was supposed to be figuring out your bandwidth, uhhhhh, only she didn’t really do it, so, uhhhhh, here’s a fat bill with NO FUCKING EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER! And we wrote them like 10 times for a few days (pissed of course) and they never replied. Eventually they talked to my tech guy but jesus fucking christ how stupid, right? The new host is PROHOSTERS and they come highly recommended by the fine folks who bring and to your computer screen. Only problem is that I’m gonna go broke with all of this unexpected expense if nobody signs up on my site. Where are all the boys who want to see me naked when I need them? 🙂 LOL. Maybe someone will sign up with CumFiesta if I post another part to the Amber video?