shoot the bird, then deepfry

So, just sitting around and looking for good content. I had a pretty O.K. thanksgiving. We deep fried the turkey. All the neightbors were totally freaking out that we were gonna burn down the neighborhood. We knew what we were doing. First of all, don’t try to deep fry a turkey inside the house. We were wayyyyyyy out in the middle of the backyard. There’s a rock gravel pit back there, so that totally helps. Second, we defrosted the turkey. Some stupid people will try to cook a frozen turkey. Duh. It’ll explode. Third, don’t overheat the oil. We watch it closely and you have to take away fire every once in a while because after it gets over 350 degrees it totally wants to keep getting hotter. That part is hard unless you’ve got a way to easily move a heavy pot filled with oil safely. We have an elevated track we use to roll it away from the fire. Smart for hillbillies, huh? So, anyway, it was soooo good. I am craving it again. Cravings are good. Do you crave watching young girls getting jizzed all over their face? Wait til’ you see my redesign of All new stuff is coming, so if you had a favorite on the site before, grab it now. As always, you can join all of my sites by clicking here and pay only $4.95 for full access. Yeeup. Okay, TTYL. In my next update I will post a picture of all 131 girls that are on CumFiesta. My fingers are already cramping up.