Don’t even ask me to explain what yesterday’s entry was all about. I was totally in a fog from my girly drug Selexa. Have you heard of it before? It gives me focus and makes me super sleepy during the day. It keep me from having panic attacks all the time and for some reason makes me horny as hell (which is exactly the opposite of what the warnings said would happen). It takes a lot of my $ away from me cuz I don’t have insurance. It makes me make money cuz I can concentrate and get things done (like writing this blog entry, for example). I love it. I hate it. I can’t decide if it is the end of me or if it is the beginning. It stops me from crying all the time from crazy girly hormones, but it makes me cry cuz I feel like I’m someone else when I’m taking it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m off to look for my bottle of Selexa.