secluded and shit

Texas Hottie Jennifer's Gets Some Oral
Well here I am, again on my own! Okay, yeah, I’m quoting a song. I just woke up after experimenting with a bunch of file sharing programs last night. LimeWire was my final choice for getting songs, but in truth, it still sucked. I’d rather just go down to the Wal-Mart and buy something. Remember a few months ago when I said Wal-Mart was the center of all action in the town? That’s still true. But guess who was the center of all action in Texas last weekend? Sweet little hottie Jennifer. Yeah, I already mentioned her in my last blog entry, but I just had to do it again. Here’s a sample photo from the video. I mentioned that my Tran (who, by the way, isn’t a Tranny — Tran is just his name) didn’t know if he was gonna get to fuck her or not. She ended up bringing her boyfriend who was more than happy to fuck the shit out little Jenny. Goddamn. Yes, Tran was pissed. Look at that petite little chick? She’s just his type. I’m always looking to get more petite little Texas bitches to fuck for me on my sites, so don’t worry about me suddenly changing my niche. (That’s pronounced ”neesh” to all you redneck boys out there). Anyway, I’ll start posting the video up next week for sure. I’ve been double-posting the Barbara videos and should be done with her by tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Also, more updates are coming to I got a new streaming feed for my members, too. If you join my sites by clicking here you’ll get access to not just ModelTexans and HottieCams, but also GamerChicks, ModelRussians, and RealDollSex. I’ve got more videos to add to ModelRussians, plus a new model that my traveling friends in Russian met up with thanks to the magic of putting up an ad in a club and text messaging. I’m going to resurrect my RealDoll Stefanie and start making some new videos of her. I’m thinking maybe of filming the first ever outdoor sex scene with a RealDoll. That’ll be one to tell your grandkids about. Tran is all, ”Uhhh. As long as you’re sure it’s secluded and shit.” Yeah, right. It’s secluded. I swear!