real sex doll

My man Steve Awesome is done posting all of the newly rendered videos for today. There’s both DVD quality (3000 megabits — whatever that means) and VHS quality (1000 megabits). All videos are 640×480 or better now with newer videos being in widescreen. Steve has even made the videos sound even more freakier than normal with some royalty free music he got hooked up with recently. And guess what?! We even found a new video to add which I show below in a screenshot. This one is Steve fucking Stefanie the RealDoll on his ugly ass patio. Here is a video sample of Real Doll Sex Outdoors from the shot below. Next up for us is a facelift for RealDollSex. We also have a new doll that’s coming and she’ll get her own site. But wait… I’ve said to much! More later!

Real Sex Doll