putting the KY back into Kentucky

Okay cuties. I am off in 5 minutes. Driving to Kentucky in my beat up Chevy. I am taking my old laptop with me and I can update once I get there. It’s like a thousand miles away so it will be at least Sunday afternoon before I can get back on here. Fingers crossed! Radiator seems O.K. but I’m gonna have to hope for the best. To break the monotony (sp?) of the last three vids I’ve posted, I’m going to post a vid I did for this guy who is always so sweet to me on CamWhores.com. Seriously, if you don’t want to join my sites, you should go there and join. Where else can you talk to nearly one hundred girls who get naked (and do other unspeakable acts)? Just click the CamWhores link on the top left of this page and you’re there. Clicking and joining will also help fund my possible future radiator repair (eeek!). Clicking here will get you a free pr0n video courtesy of yours truly.