plop plop

Alrighty then. So I am in Kentucky on my laptop on a dial-up and I am mad bored. I drove straight in and sure enough the radiator died on me when I got here. Looks like I may be stuck here for a while. I am suddenly finding out that my mom has, like, all these problems that I didn’t even know about. I am suddenly wishing I didn’t know all this stuff. Why didn’t you guys try to stop me? Am I crazy? It was so nice in Austin I must have been on crack for leaving. Wahhhhhhh! Okay, so, let’s see. Oh, there is this restaurant here that sells these little square hamburgers that are steamed and they are so yummy I wish I could take a picture of them. Oh, I guess I can. I have a camera, what the hell? Okay, I’ll post a picture of them tomorrow. It is late right now. Sleep good. Watch Amber part 4 of her vid. You know you want it.