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Abbie & Stef the RealDoll Get Fucked
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Okay, so here is the movie clip that I promised the other day. As you can see I’ve been rearranging my layout again. I thought the site looked too much like other blog sites which show you free porno and tried to shock you with links to hot sex sites. That, plus I wanted to put the logo back on that I made, like, 6 months ago. That’s it up in the top left hand corner (at least that’s where it is when I’m typing this blog entry). Hee hee. Okay, so, in this video, to get back to the subject, I’m helping Tran The Slam Man fuck this realdoll by encouraging him and letting him grab my ass. I hear european men like to watch this kind of stuff, so I’m all about bringing it to them. LOL. Okay, so stop listening to me babble and click on the link to watch some doll fucking.