hottie abbie teaches her anonymous 18 year old friend how to suck cock
I have been working a lot so I haven’t had enough time to post my blog updates. I am torn between giving another sample of my crazy teen girl Mardi Gras videos or showing you how hard BigHouse fucks these two blonde teen bitches in his recent updates. We actually got through making two more videos with this guy. His girlfriend is all about convincing girls that they could use the money and in return all they have to do is suck her boyfriend’s dick. So easy. Like taking candy from 18 year old babies. In the picture you see in today’s entry, I am giving cock sucking lessons to this anonymous friend of mine and all the while Tran gets to video and photograph the whole thing. See? I’m learning from BigHouse’s girlfriend. My video is short and lame, however, but give me some time you’ll be seeing Little Abbie moving up from being a just starting to learn the ropes Jr. Pimp to managing large numbers of slutty girls Sr. Pimp in no time.