ZOMG I Adore Porn Star Jessie Andrews!

Porn starlet Jessie Andrews says she likes “the simple things in life” — but woah! She is so gorgeous! I loooove her hair! Wow! Okay, I’m growing mine out again. Decision made! More »

Spinner Pretty Like Drugs Watches Steve Awesome Fuck a RealDoll

Already flustered by Tasia Teya Simone Doll’s flirtations at the club, Pretty Like Drugs decided to go home and try for a hookup. Little did she know that Steve Awesome was already More »

xPrettyxLikexDrugsx Dancing For RealDoll Tasia Teya Simone

Sex doll Teya Simone didn’t bat an eye as she watched sexy cutie xPrettyxLikexDrugsx take off her top and dance. Realdoll Tasia Teya Simone Doll and PrettyLikeDrugs really hit it off. Was More »

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We’re back in business with new videos featuring hottie dolly Teya Tasia Simone Realdoll. Our pretty plastic princess gets sucked and fucked in this new scene that Steve Awesome just shot, cut More »

Minneapolis Slut Diablo Dances For RealDoll Tasia

Introducing Diablo! She’s another adorable Minneapolis slut who managed to escape the confines of her tiny state so she could enter the confines of our RealDoll club! Tiny Tasia Simone Doll gets More »

Stefanie Returns To Observe Fake McCain Fucking Tiny Teya Doll

We bring Stefanie out of her dolly retirement home to watch awesome new doll starlet Tiny Teya Tasia Simone Doll getting fucked by Fake John McCain. This marks John’s and Stef’s first More »

Tiny Tasia Teya Simone Doll Makes Her RealDoll Sex Debut!

Little porn star Tasia Teya Simone is literally a doll that was made for fucking. Rock hard body. Huge titties! Just wait until you watch her fucking! Tasia Teya is a cute More »

Gamer Girl Shows Off Her Dancing Skills As Well As Big Boobs

18 year old teen GamerGirl (who we call Gigi) was a natural dancing for rubber sex doll Tila in this introduction video. GiGi rips off Tila’s bra and exposes her huge titties More »

Topless Teenager Christina in Realdoll Fuck Coaching

Nasty topless teenager Christina returns intending to fuck Tila, but she gets a surprise when Steve Awesome shows up to spoil her fun. 18 year old perky boobed Christina gets a real More »

18 year old east coast girl christina topless dancing for realdoll

Beautful Christina lives on a farm in Rhode Island — which surprised us because we thought it wasn’t big enough to have a farm. Christina jumped at the chance to dance for More »


tila teen porn videos now online!

Launched a new video today featuring sex doll Tila Teen! Did I not mention her name last time I posted to this thread? Here’s the latest gallery + photos featuring BoyToyDoll Tila Teen getting naked and taking a hard fucking

introducing tila teen boytoydoll

There’s a new RealDoll in town and her name is Tila Teen. This cute little petite doll is literally that… a doll! She’s joining my RealDollSex.com site has my newest resident! Don’t worry fans of Stefanie the original RealDoll. She

realdoll sex doll site relaunched

I’ve been under a rock as of late but no worries — I’ve got content updates coming! New shit for ModelTexans.com and GamerChicks plus another new site that will be joining the family that I’ve mentioned briefly in the past.

nude 19 yo girl

Trisha possesses a tight little pale body and we always enjoy getting another look at it whenever possible. Finding petite models with perky tits like Trisha is somewhat of a trick in these days of teenaged girls who overeat themselves

real sex doll

My man Steve Awesome is done posting all of the newly rendered videos for REALDOLLSEX.com today. There’s both DVD quality (3000 megabits — whatever that means) and VHS quality (1000 megabits). All videos are 640×480 or better now with newer

liz ashley

I posted a new gallery of Liz Ashley today on the GamerChicks site. Beautiful Liz was formerly known as Mena on that site, but I’ve changed it to her professional stage name now that she’s become a glamour model superstar


I’m adding all my RealDoll stuff in DVD quality video over the next couple of weeks and will be dragging that silicone bitch out for some fresh fucking. Looking over my realdoll gallery that I have posted, I’m surprised I

the texas whore corp

I keep saying corp with a P sound instead of ”core” like Steve keeps telling me, but regardless of how the fuck to talk, this bookend video is a nice addition to the other slutty video of chicks we’d posted

new photos of me updated on abbieteen.com

What up up up yo yo my peoples. I got a couple of updates going on my site AbbieTeen.com which features young, nubile, petite little blonde blue-eyed me! I also have some video of myself and Britney (or is it

abbie teen videos now online!

First time teen Abbie’s blow job video Abbie sucking cock in nightvision on cam Sloppy blonde girl blowjob on a hidden camera Petite teen chick with her ex-boyfriend’s cock in her mouth 18 year old gets her clit sucked on

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Okay, I really like these two chicks that we feature on the video below. You like that shit don’t you, huh? If you want to see video of these two girls getting fucked one after the other by the same

abbieteen.com is in beta

Fuck yes! It’s about goddamn time. The site looks so super pretty, too. I’m still twisting a knob or two here and there with all the shit on that site. It’s the closest I’ve ever done anything that looks like

fuck me

Goddamn I had a little delay here and there since the last time I blogged but I’ll be making up for that in spades shortly. There are three more from the series below plus two more really fucking crazy sets

lizashleynude star mena in new 2007 photos

There’s a kinda lame site called LizAshleyNude that these douchebag people put up without telling Mena what they were doing. It gets no updates so therefore it sucks balls. We love Mena and work with her and try to keep

titty titty tidbit from trishy

Trisha Terrien Terryin’ To Trying To Tell The Townspeople That They’re Taking Two Too Many. Dammit. I couldn’t keep that up. I know that makes nonsense. It started off as me typing random nonsense words and then I discovered I

electric naked girl trisha

I posted some artsy photos of topless Trisha posing with this little string set of pink lights that Steve Awesome picked up from Urban Outfitters. Sexy sexy and kinda freaky, huh? I love her little titties!

fire crotch and skinny chick blowjobs

What up what up. I’ve got some bomb video posted this morning on HottieCams.com for you. Two complete scenes featuring a pretty girl sucking a pretty hard cock. First up is Fire Crotch which features a red headed girly with

blonde vs. brunette cock suckers

So a mere week later and I’m posting two more videos on my hardcore porn video site HottieCams.com today. I’ve got blonde versus brunette happening as each scene features a girl sucking a cock full of cum dry. It just

cha cha and gotcha

Hey ya what up. Recent server move so sorry for the no updates. I’ve got my updates to GamerChicks that i’m workin’ for ya and all of my cutie asian galleries are now posted in their entirety on AsianSoloGirls.com. Sorry

fucking in a mall parking lot

ModelTexans.com Presents:Fucking In A Mall Parking Lot Two guys brazenly fuck a chick in public! Video Preview WMV 2MB Video Preview WMV 2MB Will someone see? Who cares! Video Preview WMV 2MB Video Preview WMV 2MB Want to see more