open up and say ahhh

abbie sucks cock
It’s hump day today and I got humped up and down all last night. I knew I had my guy coming over so I took a nice shower and then got all cuddly under the covers and when he came in it started with some kissing. Then some nibbling. Then he pulled out my left breast and started goin’ to town. In only a few minutes he was licking my belly and playing with my pajama bottoms. They slipped off, as did my panties, and in only a few minutes he’d gone from ”hi hello” to ”lap, lap, lap, lap, lap!” LOL! Like a good boy should. So the photo on the right is a picture of me going ”suck, suck, suck, suck!” that comes from a set that I’ve got on It has been slightly modified with PhotoShop to protect the identity of the huge dick that’s in my mouth. Who knew Tommy Lee had tattoos on his cock now? I mean, I saw the video and didn’t see a damn thing!