on the road again


I am leaving in just a few hours for Kentucky so my next update will be off my laptop once I get there. It’s something like 700 miles away so hey, what’s that? Like 7 hours? LOL! Ok, I posted a video I made a few weeks ago with Tran up on HottieCams.com for your stroking enjoyment. I have a few screencap clips posted here to your right. These are also on CamWhores.com in case you ever get the urge to see naked girls pose on cam AND chat with them on the camwhore tag board. Those people are lots of fun. I was chatting on there just this past Sunday afternoon so if you ever wanna meet yours truly then that’s a great place to start. I am rendering one more video to post on Tuesday but I won’t be able to upload it til’ I get to KY (so it’ll take me like an hour to upload, wahhh). Okay, before I get too emotional. Take care and stay sweet. ;-D