no more chit chat

Abbie & Britney

Yeah I am still so sick and sleepy and I have totally caught up on all of the episodes of The Osbournes that I’ve missed since before I got mono. I refuse to capitalize the word mono, too. It sucks that bad. Stupid mono! I was on the phone talking to this friend of mine who is so stupid and I kept telling him I couldn’t go out last week because I had mono and he told me that I should get my ear cleaned out. Very funny. It was a stereo joke. Ha ha. Hold me back while I try to hit you with my pillow, fucker. I am finally releasing the
video starring me and Britney chatting about our new sexual toys — one of them we bought from a store, and the other one is my new guy in Kentucky. We are topless throughout the whole video, so just cuz there isn’t sex doesn’t mean that the video isn’t off the hook. So, anyway, take a look at that. I am still updating all of my sites while I’m down and out, so please feel free to join. I have a special $4.95 discount if you join from and you still get access to all my hardcore sites ModelTexans, HottieCams, RealDollSex, GamerChicks, and ModelRussians. Plus all the streaming cam sites that are on those. I’m sure you’ll be able to bust a nut at least twice a day with all of that. No, really. You will.