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Hot sexy girl Abbie Bueller recounts her day spent at BuzzFest in Houston, Texas. She recalls meeting her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend Paige. Paige is such a bitch! There’s no doubt about it. Girl fight! Paige is also a dancer and love to fuck with Abbie and say things to get a rise out of her. Isn’t that fucking adorable? It’s the naked truth about these two girls done up in a video. You can only hear Abbie speaking. Oh, I just notices how perky Abbie is in this video. Look at those nipples! Wow. Okay, well she stays g-rated and clothes. Sometimes she will change shirts 12, 13, 14, even 15 times a day. She has some kind of problem, I think. It’s the years old issue of trying to stay one step ahead of fashion

Hispanic beauty Chase drinks up a soda and vodka drink in a wine glass. This girl doesn’t get drunk, but tipsy might be a good way to describe it. Upon leaving her teen years behind, Chase took her high school experiences and turned them into a rant about how the cameraman wasn’t able to properly prepare a mixed alcohol drink. She’s wearing bra and panties that are, unfortunately, not see through. Very sad. Still, she’s a real hottie. If you ever get to see one of her dance videos, I think you will see that the girl knows how to shake her fucking ass. At least she has a point in saying she doesn’t like Paris Hilton. I mean, who does?

Gamer chick model and lovely slim young teenager Trisha dances away in this cute little video. This is the teaser to the video because we obviously can’t post it on here. We’re all about being G-rated, not x-rated. Or NC-17 rated? Is that still a rating? I know XXX is still a rating, right? Yeah. Hmmm. So we shot this and then we went off to see the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. We’re focused.