movin’ on

I’ve been working all weekend at moving my sites all over to the new server. This new company,, kicks mutha fuckin’ ass. They have some amazing little trinkets and tools for me to figure out how much bandwidth each site is using BY DAY (just like I wanna know) and all this neat email stuff and POP stuff and I’m just basically happy that this is going as well as I’d thought. We faxed a cancelation notice earlier this month to those hacks at that place (I hate to even type the name of their third rate company) and of course they have said nothing because they are chicken shit and treat customers like me like crap. Ack. okay, so, enough of that bitching. Ummm… oh you know, I meant to tell you about ”One Hour Photo” which I saw now too long ago. Man, that movie has been giving me nightmares. There’s this one scene near the end where Robin William’s character forces this couple to pretend to fuck while he takes pictures. I don’t think I’m giving anything away because I’m not telling you anything else. Hmmmm… cheesh, anyway so I dream that Robin Williams is holding me hostage and making me fuck against my will while he takes pictures. I mean, I feel guilty because I’m liking how perverse it all is but I’m worried cuz I think I’m gonna get shot. I know this sounds pretty stupid. Believe me I have more stupider things I’ve thought / dreamt of before so try not to think this is the all time stupidest thing I’ve ever talked about. Damn, am I babbling again? Okay, no more talky. Today is part 4 of Sloan’s Cum Fiesta video. I will update my sites again this week to catch you up on all the updates you’ve been missing after the big momma transfer is all over with. Buhhhhbyeee!