movin’ on up

I’m going to be moving in the next week so my computer will be totally in a million bazillion pieces. Tran will still be making my updates while I’m lost in transition, so don’t worry about the site. I should have all my shit back together by December 15th. Yeah, I know that’s a long time to move. I’ve got a lot of stuff. Actually, I have too much stuff. I need less stuff. I especially need few little tiny things of stuff. Why is it that whenever there’s a giveaway involving free keychains that I can’t resist myself? I think I have 400 keychains that date back from when I was in elementary school and males couldn’t resist my little blonde girly charms. ”Oh, an extra keychain for you, little girl? Not a problem.” Tee hee. Okay, so, yeah. Expect to see my updates for November and December all get posted when I get back. I’ll still make them, but sending them up will happen in one fell swoop. I’m off then, my bitches. Love ya!