mo stuff

Heya, hiya, ho ya! Hey lemme spring two things on you real fast. I have a bunch of updates that
I’ve posted on my sites that I wanted to let you know about. The other thing? I might be preggers
again. Hmmm. It must be all the fucking I’m doing? That’s what the doc says. And no, I’m not that
dumb. I just love fucking. Anyway, enough about me. Let’s focus on you. You’ve got a hard on.
You need to get rid of it, right? Read on…

GamerChicks Miss Lori of Austin, Texas makes another appearance in our glamour model teeny tiny titties series.
This gal is slinking all over and getting all the boys so hot and bothered. I love her! She so
rocks! This set is just as hot as all her other sets. We’re counting down to our last set with
Lori, but if you join today you’ll see the 40 (!!) other sets we’ve posted. So fucking hot! Mmmm! Big House comes back for seconds… or rather, more like eighths. This time Katrina (pronounced
Catcha) from Canada is here and she’s taking a quick little shower in her bikini. Biggie eases her
out of them and starts playing with her pussy. Eventually he must be satisfied so she starts
banging away at his dick with her face. He gives her a sweet little facial and everyone’s happy.
I’m happy. You’ll be happy, too.
ModelTexans My Abbie Cock Sucking Series continues as I changing clothes and slip into nothing more than my
high school senior jacket. Our colors were purple and yellow in this little shitty East Texas city
I attended. But look at my high school spirit as I face fuck Tran’s huge goddamn dick while we shoot
photos for GamerChicks.
ModelRussians Blondita makes her ModelRussians debut today. Basically we just got this little Russian ho drunk and
paid her a few rubles and bam! We had someone fucking her that same night. She loved this one position
with her on top facing away (she was staring intently at her pussy getting slammed with dick meat).
It’s a really hot full length scene, guys. Check it out.

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link and you’ll be there. It’s all good. Anyway, I’m off to take a few more pregger tests
before I start making appointments. Catcha ya’ll later and maybe I’ll see you on the CamWhores
tag board. Love!