matrix reloaded

I’ll be updating more often now that I’ve got my fuck fix on. My boyfriend has been out of town singing on gigs and I’ve been stuck here working the local adult video store my parents own. Not much exciting happening other than catching three guys who were trying to trade blowjobs back in the bondage aisle. Silly homos! Blowjobs are for girls! So, I told them to take it to a motel or to Mardi Gras. They were like, ”ooooooohhhhhh okay, I guess we can do that.” Geez I had to motion them to the door. Anyway, that same night when I got off (not literally) I saw The Matrix ReLoaded. Very confusing. So the next morning I saw it again. And then later that afternoon, I saw it a third time. It gets better and better with each viewing cuz there is so much information coming. I was talking to a philosophy major guy in the line during my second time at it and he told me where the allusions to kierkegaurd (or however you spell his name) are and all sorts of interesting stuff. Now I am totally fucking stoked for the third movie. I have my theories. Anyway, when I got back home I instructed Mena to put together a Matrix type Trinity outfit and she did a photoset with Tran with guns and all sorts of nice stuff. The picture below is from the set. I think the most adorable shots of Mena are of her completely nude on this leather sofa. Very hot. Join today and you can see more of Mena. You’ll be happy after if you know what I mean! 😉

Mena from