let me teach you

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I want to thank the three sweethearts who bought me some stuff off my wishlist. They each got a free 60 day pass to all five of my sites (soon to be 6 sites!). I’m going to keep the offer going for a little bit longer, so if you scroll down to my previous blog entry, you can still pick me up something in exchange for free access to watching me fuck and suck and pose naked for you! Here’s a free photo in honor of the cocksucking photo session I had with Britney (see the picture below for the ”before” and go to ModelTexans.com for the ”after”). To everyone that I’ve met from I’m Sorry Everybody dot com, I just wanted to say you guys are the bestest of the best! God bless America!!! Okay. I’m done being patriotic now. Back to porno!

Abbie and Britney Ready To Start Face Fucking!