leave the drama to your momma

Yeah, so, my life is all full of drama. I recently was trying to be friends with my ex-boyfriend Tristan but he’s such a psycho freak of the world that it is absolutely fucking impossible. Ya see, I was driving to Kentucky yesterday and my car broke down in Dallas. I’ve started seeing this guy up there which is part of the reason why I tried dying my hair brown, but that’s not important to the story. My car’s transmission gave out, so that car is basically useless (which is why I left it there, piece a crap). When I got back into town I called up Tristan who still has this Ford Probe that I used to drive. It is in my name but even so he wouldn’t let me have it back no matter how many times I asked. He is so crazy and such an asshole because, well, keep reading. First the fucker told me he didn’t have the keys so I got a locksmith to make me a key. Then he went too far and slashed two of the tires. After the locksmith left. I could just scream! Then, he said he was gonna call the police and say that I made a scratch on his face (which he already had) if I took the car. I tried to get in the car and take off and the bastard mother fucker scratched up my arms while I was trying to get away, so I called the police and after everything is said and done we BOTH fucking filed charges against each other even though I didn’t do ANYTHING to him. He says he has a restraining order on me now, the loser. The police said I could have my car, but it has two flat tires on it. GREAT! So, let’s see. I actually have even more drama going on. Like, my telephone got turned off cuz I’m having some trouble paying for the long distance I ran up on it. My office job is gone because I lost it when I was trapped up in Kentucky a few weeks ago. I should always use a cell phone, why I thought I could afford regular phone long distance is a mystery to me. So yeah, blah. That sucks, too. But hey other than that, everything is wonderful. Roof over my head. Power. All the water I can drink. Tran takes care of me.