jolly science

Gonna post a quick update. I have a new video I’m posting today for RealDollSex. There is also a webcam video angle that goes with that, so I will try to get them both up at the same time. Our dolly Stefanie is in need of a repair kit, so you may see me and my girlfriends lapdancing all over the shit until I get that stuff patched up. Such a delicate little dolly she is! Hmmm. Oh, yes, I am posting massive updates to HottieCams. I also took it upon myself to change the color scheme of those two sites. I think brighter whites are in this winter. It’s easier to see? I dunno. I like black backgrounds, myself, but that’s just me. I like my Nintendo 64, also, so there you go. I am sorry I haven’t had an update for ModelTexans for nearly a week. I have SO much to put up there. I have been trying to find the perfect program to do all the thumbnailing work for me, but so far I’m stuck with what I’ve been doing since Tran taught me how to use Photoshop. Ummm… oh, yes, I am actually still in Kentucky. Have I not mentioned that? I have been hanging out with my friends and I’ve met a guy up here, but so far nothing serious. Who knows, though, right? Okay, sorry this is such a shitty short entry. To make it up to you, if you click here you can see some video of me giving some head and getting my back nutted on. All in front of my kick ass new projection television. This is kind of a funny video sampler, actually, so don’t laugh too hard. Comments are welcome! And below is the latest DARE picture someone sent me. Where are your entries, boys? Let’s go!