innie / outtie

I got into an argument with some guy on CamWhores about how some guys on there think it is okay to treat girls on there like shit who have their own paysites. I’m like, what the fuck dude, you’re fucking ON A PAYSITE. Why give girls grief over their own adult entertainment ventures when you’re sitting there on an adult entertainment venture yourself. Shit! I give lot of time and thinking to what I’m going to post on my camwhore portal. Sometimes I post stuff of me. Sometimes I post of stuff with me and other girls. Sometimes I post stuff of my friends or other models. And sometimes I just post crazy shit that I either think is funny or I think just says Abbie Bueller. Okay? I hate having to defend my choices for what I put up on my own personal site. It’s my mother fucking site, bitch. Okay? I enjoy the community of other camgirls just as much as the next camgirl, but some of the mean taggers on that board can suck my asshole dry. And no, I won’t be wiping prior to the sucking. As for all of the sweetheart taggers that I’ve met (who still far outnumber the jerks), they can lick my pussy after I get out of the shower. Perhaps we’ll fuck, too. How’s that for playing both sides?

Soooo… now that my ranting is over. Let’s talk about MY SITES! Bwah. I have been posting weekly updates to
ModelRussians and haven’t really talked about them on here. These are part of my Hungarian Hotties collection of movies so it is so perfect for the site. ModelRussians was the second site I ever put up after ModelTexans. At first I made the memberships separate from each other, but then I figured you might as well get a two for one deal and come out ahead. After ModelRussians I put up HottieCams, then RealDollSex, and finally GamerChicks. I’m working on two more sites at the moment… and some other site for a new 18 year old model that I’m trying to turn to the dark side. Below are the teasers for all of the new ModelRussian videos I’ve posted over the last few weeks. Why not check out the site and hit me with a sign up? You will get access to all of my sites — including the ones I’m launching in the next couple of weeks. Mwah. You know it’s cuz I love ya. Anywayz, I’m outtie, my bitches. Take care and have a great weekend.