In Bedding

I need to go over my older entries from a few days ago and clean up my filthy smack talking language. I’m a cracker, what can I say? And I mean it in the “crackah” way. I’m not literally a cracker. If I were a cracker, I assume I would be salty and yummy and fresh. LOL. I don’t know where I am going with this. Oh, right. Embedding. My oldest entry had a link to a video I did for Nothing spectacular but I think it will make some wangs get nice and hard. My brain is all over the place. When I was like 7 years old my parents had a WANG computer that I learned to play Solitaire on. This was before Windows and I thought it was totally the bomb. Okay, must concentrate. Where was I? Oh oh embedding the media player. Right! Originally I had embedded this clip on the page, but then my model dial-up homies cried enough to make me turn it into a downloadable link. Oh well, at least basically anything you want to know how to do on webpages is already posted about somewhere on the net. Love it. Woot! Okay before I nerd out again. Watch me do nasty shit now.