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This is the video!

I got a letter from Britney taped to my door. I recently switched apartments with Tran so I think she thought she was sending this to him and not me. It reads: ”Hey, it’s Britney. I haven’t talked to Abbie in forever. But I would really like to take pictures, or anything to do with the internet. I don’t have your number so could you call me at (512) xxx-xxxx. I really need your help and I can help you in turn. I cussed out a manger at the club I dance at so I am no longer employed there. I can’t get another job because I lost my license and I can’t get my license because I have warrants. So, are we still on for March 1st or anything else? Call me please. <3 Britney.'' Wow. I can get Britney to do hardcore, now. As far as March 1st, we had said that we'd try to get her a boob job around then, but I have been out of town and lost track of her. She was originally saying she only wanted to do softcore girl-girl with me and that she would pose nude, but that was it. Woo hoo! I'm gonna make some good nasty porn now! I guess I should mysteriously call her out of the blue and make her an offer she can't refuse. Anyone got any ideas? We are definitely going to get her to blow Tran, first of all. He told me he wants to frame all of the pictures of girls who have blown him, basically his big fat dick in the girl's mouth. Isn't that nice? He is always doing arty shit like that.