i’m not natalie portman… but I’m close

Not Natalie Portman Getting Fucked But Close EnoughAlrighty, I’m still working on my 44 new galleries and will have the first Julia and Monica set up sometime today. I figured if I posted about it then I’m obligated to finish up. The video is so hot and I can’t stop watching them and getting really distracted. So, let’s see what else? Ummmm… I’m listening to Howard Stern on satellite radio. He’s so good… SIRIUSLY! Har har. Ummm. Yeah, it’s funny. I want to go over there and ride the sybian at 100 percent. I’m a little afraid of those things though. I was wondering about buying one of them but they take up a lot of room and I was wondering how to explain away what it was. Ummm. Okay, focus focus… my train of thought is now on the animated image to the left and the photo below. This girl Jude was the one that really got me into porn when I first started even though she was just a hot piece of ass web developer girl that I knew. She did a few sets with me but unfortunately I don’t have them anymore. I do have this nice shot of her taking a load of cock in her mouth, though, so enjoy that! Wooter woot!

Not Natalie Portman Giving A Nude Blowjob But Close Enough