i’m just a rag dolly

RealDoll Fucking
I am digging Stefanie, my RealDoll, out of the closet today for a new photo shoot. I’m thinking about dropping by Victoria’s Secret at the mall today and picking up something in simple black. Funny thing is I always ask for ideas from people about what I should do for the doll when I take pictures (like ideas for scenes and stuff) but I never get anything good. I almost took her out on the town one night in Austin, but my friends chickened out. Haha. Maybe next time. I think I might put her in the backseat when I go to pick up lunch one day. Maybe at a Whataburger. Hey if you don’t know what Whataburger is, you are totally missing out. So good. Their fries are yum! Okay, I’m getting silly now. Check out my Real Doll pornography featuring hot young teen models like myself watching Stefanie the Realdoll get the non-living shit fucked out of her.

RealDoll Fucking RealDoll Fucking