how do they do it?

I’ve been checking out other sites trying to evaluate what I can do to make mine better and, goddamn, if people aren’t giving their shit away. Very weird. You have to have something really unique and exclusive to make people want to join, and that’s what I’m always trying to do. Trust me — if you knew what I had planned, you’d freak out. Just stick around long enough and you’ll see.

Okay, so I have updates that I posted, back to the topic of Bionic Intelligence. I see that Steve is posting updates now to his site for other sites. I think that’s how we’re going to work this out. I’ll post about my sites and he’ll post about partner and friend sites. Makes sense to me. I don’t think I’ll be making any of my older blog entries go away, though, but expect more freebies that have to do with ModelTexans, ModelRussians, HottieCams, GamerChicks, RealDollSex, and AsianSoloGirls to be coming from this direction from now on. Okay? So, now on to the updates!

Model Texas Girls

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Aimee's HottieCams
Aimee's HottieCams
Aimee's HottieCams