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Hi hi! As a new member of MILF society, I have found that I can now turn off the part of my brain that gets annoyed by a crying baby. I still hear the baby, but I just can’t get pissed anymore. I want to be able to teach people to do this whenever they’re around things that irritate them. Like a mean coworker, for example. Or when you forget to do something that you should have done. Hey, that’s cool. It’s all good. Just do it later. Or turn around and do it. Or whatever. I was irritated tonight while I was trying to watch this silly Paris video until I finally found what I think is a three minute highlights video. It’s pretty good. It’s all filmed in that green night vision stuff, though, and Paris looks like an alien freak. Check out this video of me that I made using night vision while I’m getting fucked. Come on, you like it, don’t you? My eyes aren’t freaky ass glowing like Paris’ so right there, you know, I’m not from Uranus. Oh, but I bet you wish I was from Uranus, don’t you, you naughty thing. Okay, no more abbie chat. Go join BackSeat and get access to all their sites. Fucking in the back seat is all good, too.