hit the spot

I got a very sweet email today from F.M. He was direct and to the point when he told me: ”Wish I was on the receiving end of that mouth, you hot bitch!” Now, normally I don’t get a lot of email that says so much by using so few words. I have to admit it got me hot, thought. Now, R.4.A.T. wrote me on 12/27/2002 to say: “hey i love your pics on camwhores. e-mail me sometime.” I haven’t replied to him yet, but I plan on it. Sorry. A young man by the name of pussyboy716@hotmail.com wrote me several times last month from a library in Danbury, CT to simply say: ”Ah ah ah ah ………………………..it feels so good?” No, pussyboy716, your email was just O.K. I called the library and asked them if they could tell me who you were. They were very sweet there. Maybe we’ll talk some time? 🙂 Hee hee. Anyway, on to a few updates in the news. Yes, yes, I know. I’m behind still. GamerChicks still coming. I’m off my ass tonight, okay?

Okay, I can see you’re bored now.  Let me tell you about Ali, also known as Allison.  She’s a green-haired raver slut:

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In our third and final scene, Chuck talks Allison back into his home and this time he fully intends to get her 18 year old ass to fuck him in full on amateur hardcore porn style. Allison lets Chuck prime her pussy once again. Her green hair falling gentle to the side as Chuck lubes up Allison’s clit with her love juice. Chuck lets Allison climb on top of his dick and starts off riding cowboy style facing Chuck. Allison’s tiny hips are adorable in this scene! Allison flips around and fucks cowboy style facing away. Chuck had totally planned two more positions, but he’s unable to hold off an blows a load right up Allison’s cunt! Nice ending, Chucky!