hi to myspacers

What up my people! I recently joined MySpace to see if I could meet some new friends. It worked! There’s a hell of a lot of freakazoids and weirdos on there for me to talk to. I love it. But not as much as I love posting PORN! Yeah, I’m keeping busy. On HottieCams, I’ve got this new hot fuck video of another model who I think resembles me a lot. I’m so famous now that I’ve got to have lookalikes do my fucking for me online. Isn’t that special? These are screen shots from the high resolution video that I’ve got posted on the site as of today. You like that little animation fuck graphic there? Why hold back? Click here to see the whole thing and end up getting access to all five of my sites. You know the spiel. Only $19.95 for 30 days… or $9.95 for ten days… or $4.95 for three days. Hell, if you want, I’ll set you up for an entire year for $99. That’s super cheap, my bitches. Anywayz! I’m off to cook dinner. Come back soon for some free video of me that I’ll be posting up here next! Woot!