girls own me


Okay I’ve got hurry this one up cuz I’m late for work, but I just wanted to catch you up on the last 24. I’m not talking about the Kiefer Sutherland (SWOON) show, by the way. So, back on task… the picture to the top left is from a set that I took this past weekend with Britney. I think I have something like 200 photos from there and I am going to get them posted on ModelTexans as soon as starting Saturday. Right now over there I’m posting some pictures of me from back in August so I’ll be all caught up soon. Oh, this weekend Tran did get to fuck me and got some of that on NightVision video. Just cuz, like I said, I like NightVision. I like typing that word, come to think of it. NiGhTvIsIoN! Okay, okay, I’m cheesing out. You will see that video posted on HottieCams just as soon as the last Kimmie video is posted (the last one is #20 I think). Well, I’m leaving you today but don’t fear I’ll have the remaining videos of Sloan posted this weekend as well. Byebye cuties.